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Hebei Baoshi Special Flexible Rubber Chemical Industry Co Ltd a technology innovation enterprise with a great capacity for designing and developing manufacturing marketing and providing technical service is specialized in producing various pipelines and fitting parts for petroleum petrifaction metallurgy machines coal and dredging engineering Advanced technology strict management and perfect service have formed the basis of our enterprise Since it was set up our company has been managed strictly according to the demands of ISO9001 2008 and API Q1 quality management system of American Petroleum Institute and has passed the certifications of ISO14001 environmental control system and OHSAS...

Categories and Products

Rubber Hose

High Pressure Rubber Hose Series

High/Normal/Low Pressure Rubber Hose Series Three layers Steel Wire Braided Rubber Pipe Two layers Steel Wire Braided Rubber Pipe Three layers Steel Wire Braided Rubber Tube 1-layer Steel Wire Braided Rubber Tube 1-layer Steel Wire Braided Rubber Pipe 1-layer Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose Two layer Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose 3-layers Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose One layer Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose 2-layer Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose 2-layers Steel Wire Braided Rubber Tube 2-layers Steel Wire Braided Rubber Pipe Three layers Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose HP Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose High Pressure Steel Wire Braided Rubber Hose One layer Steel Wire Braided Rubber Pipe One layer Steel Wire Braided Rubber Tube Two layers Steel Wire Braided Rubber Tube 3-layers Steel Wire Braided Rubber Pipe 

Medium Pressure Rubber Hose Series

1-layer Fiber Braided Rubber Pipe 1-layer Fiber Braided Rubber Tube 2-layers Fiber Braided Rubber Hose Two-layers Fiber Braided Rubber Tube 1-layer Fiber Braided Rubber Hose One layer/ 2 layers Fiber Braided Rubber Hose 2-layer Fiber Braided Rubber Hose 2-layer Fiber Braided Rubber Pipe 2-layers Fiber Braided Rubber Pipe 2-layers Fiber Braided Rubber Tube Two layers Fiber Braided Rubber Hose 2-layer Fiber Braided Rubber Tube Two-layers Fiber Braided Rubber Pipe One Layer fiber Braided Rubber Tube Two-layers Fiber Braided Rubber Hose One Layer Fiber Braided Rubber Hose Two layers Fiber Braided Rubber Tube One-layer Fiber Braided Rubber Hose One-layer Fiber Braided Rubber Pipe One-layer Fiber Braided Rubber Tube 

Special Rubber Hose Series

Rubber Pipe Assembly for Coal Hydraulic Stand Rubber Tube Assembly for Coal Hydraulic Stand Rubber Hose Assembly for Coal Hydraulic Stand Special Rubber Hose Assembly of Coal Hydraulic Stand Coal Hydraulic Stand Hose Assembly Coal Hydraulic Stand Pipe Assembly Coal Hydraulic Stand Tube Assembly Hydraulic Stand Hose Assembly Hydraulic Stand Tube Assembly Hydraulic Stand Pipe Assembly Hose Assembly for Coal Hydraulic Stand Tube Assembly for Coal Hydraulic Stand Pipe Assembly for Coal Hydraulic Stand Coal Hydraulic Support Hose Assembly Coal Hydraulic Support Tube Assembly Coal Hydraulic Support Pipe Assembly Hydraulic Support Hose Assembly Hydraulic Support Tube Assembly Hydraulic Support Pipe Assembly Hose Assembly for Coal Hydraulic Support 

Reinforced Flexible Composite Hose

Water Injection Pipe Series

Water Injection Series Flexible Composite Pipe Water Injection composite tube Water Injection composite pipe Water Injection Series Flexible Composite Tube Water Injection composite Hose Water Injection HP composite Hose Flexible Composite Water Injecting Hose HP Water Injection Transmisson Hose HP Water Injection Transmisson Tube HP Water Injection Transmisson Pipe Water Injection Series Flexible Composite Hose Water Injection Flexible composite Tube Water Injection Series Composite Pipe High Pressure Water Injection Hose Water Injection HP composite Tube Composite Pipe Water Injection Water Transimission Hose High Pressure Water Transimission Tube High Pressure Water Transimission pipe High Pressure HP Flexible Water Injection Hose 

Gas Pipe Series

Gas Injection Composite Tube Gas Injection Series Flexible Composite Tube Gas Pipe Flexible Composite Gas Injection Composite Pipe Gas Pipe Series Flexible Composite Pipe High Pressure Flexible Composite Tube Flexible Gas Transmission Pipe Compsite Gas Transmission Pipe Flexible Composite Gas Pipeline Compsite Gas Transmission Pipeline High Pressure Flexible Composite Pipeline Flexible Gas Transmission Pipeline Flexible Composite Gas Tube HP Gas Composite Tube HP Flexible Composite Gas Hose High Pressure Composite Hose High Pressure Reinforced Gas Hose Flexible Reinforced HP Gas Pipe Flexible HP Reinforced Gas Pipe Flexible Composite High Pressure Pipe 

Oil Injection Pipe Series

Oil Injecting Series Flexible Composite Tube Oil Injection Composite Pipe Oil Injecting Pipe Flexible Composite Oil Injection Series Flexible Composite Pipe Oil Injection Composite Tube High Pressure Oil Composite Hose High Pressure Oil Composite Pipe High Pressure Oil Composite Tube High Pressure Flexible Composite Hose High Pressure Flexible Composite Pipe High Pressure Flexible Gas Hose High Pressure Flexible Gas Pipe High Pressure Flexible Gas Tube High Pressure Composite Gas Hose High Pressure Composite Gas Tube High Pressure Composite Gas Pipe High Pressure Composite Gas Pipeline Flexible Oil Injection Hose Flexible Oil Injection Tube Flexible Oil Injection Pipe 

Alcohol Injection Pipe Series

Alcohol Injection Composite Pipe Alcohol Pipe Flexible composite Alcohol Injection Pipe Series Flexible Composite Pipe Flexible Composite Alcohol Injecting Pipe Alcohol Injection Series Flexible Composite Tube Alcohol Injection Composite Hose Alcohol Injection Composite Tube Flexible Alcohol Injection Composite Pipe Flexible Alcohol Injection Composite Hose Flexible Alcohol Injection Composite Tube Alcohol Injection Transmission Composite Hose Alcohol Injection Transmission Composite Tube Alcohol Injection Transmission Composite Pipe Alcohol Injection Transmission Flexible Hose Alcohol Injection Transmission Flexible Tube Alcohol Injection Transmission Flexible Pipe High Pressure Composite Alcohol Hose High Pressure Composite Alcohol Tube High Pressure Composite Alcohol Pipe HP Composite Alcohol Hose 

Offshore Pipe Series

High Pressure Transmission Offshore Flexible Composite Pipe Offshore Flexible Composite Tube Offshore Transmission Pipe Flexible Composite Flexible Offshore Composite Hose Flexible Offshore Composite Tube Flexible Offshore Composite Pipe Flexible Offshore Composite Pipeline Flexible Composite Offshore Hose Flexible Composite Offshore Tube Flexible Composite Offshore Pipe Flexible Composite Offshore Pipeline High Pressure Offshore Flexible Composite Hose High Pressure Offshore Flexible Composite Tube High Pressure Offshore Flexible Composite Pipe High Pressure Offshore Flexible Composite Pipeline Offshore Flexible composite Hose HP Offshore Flexible Composite Tube Offshore Flexible composite Pipe Offshore Flexible composite Pipeline Flexible Offshore Transmission Hose 

Metal Hose

Flexible Metal Hose Series

Flexible Metal Hose Series Flexible Metal Tube Series Flexible Metal Pipe Series Flexible Stainless Steel Hose Flexible Stainless Steel Tube Flexible Stainless Steel Braided Hose Flexible Stainless Steel Braided Tube Flexible Stainless Steel Braided Pipe Flexible Stainless Steel Braided Pipeline Flexible Metal Pipeline Series Flexible Stainless Steel Pipe Flexible Stainless Steel Pipeline Flexible Metal Braided Hose Flexible Metal Braided Tube Flexible Metal Braided Pipe Flexible Metal Braided Pipeline Stainless Steel Metal Hose Stainless Steel Metal Tube Stainless Steel Metal Pipe Stainless Steel Metal Pipeline 

Packer Series

Self-expanding Packer

Meet Water/Oil Self-Expanding Packer Underground Self Expanding Packer Meet Water Self-expanding Packer Meet-water Self Expanding Packer Meet-oil Self Expanding Packer Meet Oil Self-expanding Packer Underground Meet-water Self-expanding Packer Underground Meet-oil Sefl-expanding Packer Meet-water Self Expandable Packer Underground Meet-oil Sefl-expandable Packer Meet-Oil Self Expandable Packer Underground Meet water Sefl-inflatable Packer Meet Water Self-inflatable Packer Meet Oil Self-inflatable Packer Meet Water Underground Self-inflatable Packer 

Hydraulic Power Expandable Packer

Hebei Baoshi Hydraulic Power Expandable Packer Hydraulic Power Expandable Packer Hydraulic Power Expanding Packer Hydraulic Power Expansion Packer Hydraulic Power Expansive Packer Hydraulic Power Dilatant Packer Hydraulic Power Inflatable Packer Hydraulic Power Inflated Packer Hydraulic Power Dilatate Packer Hydraulic Power Expanded Packer Hydraulic Power Swelling Packer Hydraulic Power Stent Packer 

Oil Field Rubber Fittings Series

Packer Rubber Barrel

Oil Well Packer Rubber Cylinder Oil Well Packer NBR Cylinder Oil Well Rubber Packer Cylinder Oil Well NBR Packer Cylinder Oil Well or Gas Well Rubber Packer Cylinder Oil Well or Gas Well Packer Rubber Cylinder Oil Well or Gas Well NBR Packer Cylinder Oil Well or Gas Well Packer NBR Cylinder Moulding Rubber Packer Cylinder Moulding Packer Rubber Cylinder 

Bop Rubber Core And Assembly

Normal Ram Type BOP Rubber Core Normal Blowout Preventive Rubber Core Normal BOP Rubber Core Normal Ram Blowout Preventive Rubber Core Normal Rotary Type BOP Rubber Core Rotary Type Blowout Preventive Rubber Core Universal Rotary Type BOP Rubber Core Universal Rotary Type Blowout Preventive Rubber Core Rotary Type Bop Rubber Core Normal Rotary Blowout Preventive Rubber Core 

Drill Pipe Scratcher

Drill Pipe Wall Scratcher Oil DP Wall Scratcher Drill Pipe Mud Wall Scratcher DP Mud Wall Scratcher Oil Drill Pipe Wall Scratcher Oil DP Inner Wall Scratcher Oil Drill Pipe Wall Mud Scratcher Oil DP Mud Wall Scratcher Drill Pipe Inner Wall Scratcher Oil Drill Pipe Inner Wall Scratcher 

Flexible Joint

Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Connection Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Joint Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Connector Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Adaptor Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Conjunction Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Union Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Fitting Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Junction Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Adhesion Wear-resistant Flexible Rubber Coupling 

V-Shaped Belt Series

General V Belt

General Rubber Triangle Belt General Rubber Triangular Belt General Rubber Narrow V-belt General Rubber Wide V-belt General Rubber Multi-wedge Belt General Rubber Wrapped V-belt General Rubber Trimmed V-belt General Rubber Cord V-belt General Rubber Rope Cord V-belt General Rubber Special Cord V-belt 

Group V Belt

General Rubber Jointed Triangle Belt General Rubber Jointed V-belt General Rubber Jointed Belt General Rubber Group V-belt General Rubber Group Belt General Rubber Combined V-belt General Rubber Combined Belt General Rubber V-belt Group General Rubber Belt Group General Rubber Transmission V-belt 

Rubber Products Series

Rubber Seals

Rubber O-ring HEIBEI BAOSHI Hebei Baoshi Rubber Product Hebei Baoshi Oil Seal / Rubber Product Rubber Gasket HEIBEI BAOSHI Common Rubber Sealing Ring Hebei Baoshi O-Ring product Common Rubber Oil Seal Common Rubber Water Seal Common Rubber Sealing Gasket Common Rubber Mechanical Seal Common Rubber Hydraulic Seal Common Rubber Pneumatic Seal Common Rubber Sealing O-Ring 


High Pressure Union Series

High (Middle/Low) Pressure Union High(Medium/Low) Pressure Hammer Union High(Medium/Low) Pressure Pipe Connection High(Medium/Low) Pressure Flexible Joint High(Medium/Low) Pressure Pipe Connector High(Medium/Low) Pressure Connecting Fitting High(Medium/Low) Pressure Connecting Joint High(Medium/Low) Pressure Connecting Fittings High(Medium/Low) Pressure Pipe Joint High(Medium/Low) Pressure Pipe union Medium(High/Low) Pressure Hammer Union Medium(High/Low) Pressure Pipe Connection Medium(High/Low) Pressure Flexible Joint Medium(High/Low) Pressure Pipe Connector Medium(High/Low) Pressure Connecting Fitting Medium(High/Low) Pressure Connecting Fittings Medium(High/Low) Pressure Connecting Joint Medium(High/Low) Pressure Pipe Joint Medium(High/Low) Pressure Pipe union Medium(High/Low) Pressure Union joint 

Joint Series

Self-Sealing Pipe Joint

Pneumatic HP Automatic Connector Hydraulic HP Automatic Connector Carbon steel Automatic Connector HP Double Automatic Connector Rotary HP Automatic Connector Plug-in Two-way Automatic Connector Open HP Automatic Connector Open-closed HP Automatic Connector Stainless Steel Automatic Connector HP Jacket Automatic Connector 

Quick Coupling Series

Large Flow Pipeline Connection Durability Pipe Line Connection Corrosion Resistant Pipeline Connection Air Pipe Line Connection Gas-liquid Pipe Line Connection Oxygen Fuel Gas Pipeline Connection Inert Gas Pipe Line Connection Oil Pressure Pipeline Connection Cooling water Oil Pipeline Connection Semiconductor Pipe Line Connection 

Mud Pump Parts


High Pressure Pump Rubber Piston Assembly Pump Rubber Piston Assembly High Temperature Rubber Pump Piston Assembly High Temperature Rubber Piston Assembly High Pressure Pump NBR Piston Assembly High Pressure NBR Pump Piston Assembly High Pressure Pump HNBR Piston Assembly High Pressure HNBR Pump Piston Assembly High Pressure Mud Pump NBR Piston Assembly High Temperature Pump Rubber Piston Assembly 

Valve Body/Valve Seat

Valve Body and Valve Seat Pump Valve Body and Pump Valve Seat Mud Pump Valve Body and Seat Alloy Steel Valve Body and Valve Seat Forged Steel Valve Body and Valve Seat Fracturing Pump Valve Body and Valve Seat Valve Body and Valve Seat of Mud Pump Valve Body and Valve Seat for Mud Pump Valve Body and Seat of Drilling Mud Pump Valve Body and Seat for Drilling Mud Pump 

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